• 3 Tips for a Healthy Easter

    on Apr 3rd, 2015

Easter is just around the corner, and while the holidays can make indulging in sweets quite tempting, the sugar won't seem quite so sweet when you're feeling bad after the Easter celebrations are over. Here are some tips for a healthier Easter. 


1.) Start with a Good Breakfast - When possible, you should never skip meals, so avoiding breakfast on a holiday is just asking for trouble. Instead of leaving your stomach empty until the big meal, stick to the usual three square meals a day by eating a hearty breakfast, such as a salmon and scallion frittata, oatmeal with blueberries and nuts, or turkey hash with a green smoothie. 


2.) Eat the Good Stuff First - The less room you have for sweets, the less tempted you'll be to indulge in them. When you're enjoying Easter dinner with your family or friends, first fill yourself up with vegetables and lean meats, and try to stick with low-carb sides. Filling up on healthy options leaves little room for the not-so-healthy foods. If you're hosting Easter dinner, plan a lightweight but plentiful spread with many healthy options for your guests. If you're attending an Easter meal elsewhere, offer to bring a healthy side dish. Just remember to eat until you're full, not stuffed.


3.) Portion Your Dessert - Make a point to avoid hanging around the dessert table. Grab a small plate or napkin, and take a small piece of one dessert, or one to two each of cookies or candies. Then walk away from the dessert table to avoid "sampling". Sit and enjoy your dessert slowly, savoring each bite and focusing on the taste. Forgo a second trip to the dessert table, instead mingling with family and friends, fixating your attention on loved ones and the Easter celebrations.

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